Zeba Bakhtiar on her first assembly with Rishi Kapoor

Zeba Bakhtiar on her first assembly with Rishi Kapoor: ‘I felt just like the Kapoor family is my family’


Pakistan’s veteran actor Zeba Bakhtiar has stepped forth recalling the friendship,

she shared along with her late Henna costar Rishi Kapoor.


During an interview with Spotboye, Zeba spoke at size about her being involved,

with Rishi’s brother Randhir and receiving a message of reassurance,

two days previous his dying that the actor is getting higher.

She additionally revealed how she and Rishi stayed linked and involved during these years,

catching au courant particular events like birthdays, Diwali, and movie releases.


Once the trend of WhatsApp started, we communicated thereon to wish one another. Also,

he accustomed message me whenever a movie of Ranbir Kapoor released and that,

I accustomed make it a degree to travel and watch it,” she stated.


Speaking about her first assembly with the late star, Zeba stated:

“The first day I worked with Rishi Kapoor was for a screenshot and a photograph aim Henna.

I used to be totally new and unacquainted with everything, so I used to be very,

very nervous. But he made it quite comfortable on behalf of me and encouraged me lots,

most in order that in precisely 48 hours, I felt just like the Kapoor family, is my family.”


Zeba Bakhtiar and Rishi Kapoor had shared screens collectively,

within the 1991-released movie Henna which had been the Pakistani actor’s debut in Bollywood.

The movie was helmed by Rishi’s father and famed director Raj Kapoor.

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